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Professional Year (PY)

Professional Development Program.

Professional Year (PY) program is designed to target specialised professional development. The program gives international graduates the skills to gain employment and excel in their chosen field. Successful completion provides eligibility for migration points towards permanent residency.

The overall program duration is 44 weeks. There are 32 weeks of face-to-face classes and 12 weeks of internship, during which the applicant learns how to cope with the workplace environment in Australia, and it will provide you with opportunities to apply your university learning in the real world, acquire new skills and grow your industry network.

Professional Year Programs


Information Communication Technology (ICT)


PY is meant to help students develop industry-specific skills through study and work experience, preparing them for professional careers in the Australian workforce. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) only recognizes Professional Year Programs that have been approved by the Government.

Benefits of a Professional Year Program

Basic requirements to apply for a Professional Year Program

  • Have an Australian degree in Accounting, Computer Science or Engineering (or a closely related field) to be eligible for a Professional Year program
  • Have a Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa
    • Passport
    • 485 visa or 476 visa (Engineering only)
    • Completion letter
    • Official Transcript
    • A current IELTS/PTE score of 6.0 overall and not less than 6.0 in any module, or equivalent English test result.
    • Skill Assessment Successful Outcome Letter (Accounting & Engineering only)
    • CV (Engineering only)
    • The Engineering PY admission requires approval from Engineering Education Australia (EEA).
  • Improve understanding of the culture and practices commonly found in the Australian workplace
  • Learn how to communicate professionally within the workplace
  • Help build a professional network and enhance networking and professional communication skills.

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