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Outrival Education is a front runner in education and student services providing a range of solutions from educational counselling for Australian colleges and universities, migration services for TR, PR and student visas to NAATI CCL, PTE Academic and IELTS training for test takers wanting to achieve success in these exams for their education, professional assessment and visa requirements. In the true sense of the word, we are Australia’s leading one-stop-shop solution to all of your academic and professional dreams!

Our accredited staff is well-equipped with the expertise needed to effortlessly guide you through the challenges involved in selection of the right courses to study in Australia and the various pathways to residency along with success in language and translation proficiency tests. We bring quality and care while training test-takers to prepare them for success.

Through Outrival Education’s engaging and exciting course packs and learning modules, students are also successfully able to claim 25 points in their Permanent Residency pathways with ultimate support from our experts in both NAATI CCL & PTE Academic tests.

Outrival Education Counselling and Test Preparation in Australia

Network of industry counsellors well versed with University and College application processes, with an expertise in guiding candidates to the best fit of courses and Australian educational institutes.

Migration consultants with a wide-ranging portfolio dealing with clients from a range of backgrounds and visa requirements. Up to date information about changing situations with a focus on client satisfaction and successful visa outcomes in Australia and Canada.

Experienced, highly qualified trainers and certified language coaches who guide you, track individual progress and work with you to get the best outcome with tried and tested methods and strategies across all language modules.

In-class authentic test environment, feedback and assessment services to heighten your chances at perfecting your exam performance. Real-time doubt-solving sessions and workshops aimed at maximum knowledge retention and understanding.

A dynamic range of native and non-native expert trainers catering to the needs and comfort of a wide-ranging student-base. Successful coaching styles with a variety of approaches to coach test-takers from different backgrounds, making them perfectly exam-ready.

Online distance learning and flexibility options to help students across time-zones and offer continual support even through changing circumstances. We deliver Naati CCL, PTE and IELTS course modules through online platforms available to you anywhere, anytime.

About Our Team


Baljeet Singh

Co-Founder of ORE
Education Counsellor
QEAC No. Q332

Baljeet Singh is PIER Qualified Education Agent Counsellor in Australia. With years of industry experience in education, counselling, and student services, he has helped hundreds of hopeful students and professionals achieve their educational dreams. His wealth of knowledge and experience makes him the ideal coach for students hoping to start their journey across Australian institutes, colleges and Universities.

Jyoti Singh

Director at ORE
Expert NAATI CCL Trainer at ORE
Role Player at NAATI Official
Graduated in Migration Law, VU (Melbourne)

Jyoti Singh is a NAATI Certified Interpreter & NAATI CCL Trainer with 5+ years of teaching experience focussing on training students for Credentialed Community Language Test (CCL). She has taught thousands of successful students and counting…, Her focus on students’ individual preparation journeys, assessments, progress tracking, one-on-one mock test and regular feedback which is the right formula for NAATI CCL success.

Rhuta Marathe

Expert English Language Trainer

Rhuta Marathe is our expert English Language Trainer with 5+ years of experience focussing on training students for competitive English Language tests like the PTE, IELTS, OET and TOEFL. She has trained thousands of students to successfully appear for and ace their English Proficiency Tests. Her focus on students’ individual preparation journeys, assessments, progress tracking and regular feedback is the right formula needed for PTE, IELTS, OET and TOEFL success.

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