Why Choose ORE for your IELTS

General and Academic Exam?

This may be the most important decision of your life and we don’t take it lightly. We have helped thousands of students achieve their dream, be it to study a course or get their Canada PR. Our extensive experience in training students says that EVERY IELTS aspirant needs to know the right formula to complete their IELTS journey. Our teachers conduct a thorough assessment of your current English skills and recommend the best course for you.To know more about the RIGHT way to prepare for the IELTS, book a Free Trial Class Today! Call us on 0401 470 740 to achieve your IELTS dream score.

What is IELTS?

IELTS (The International English Language Test) is accepted acrossthe world to help you work, study or migrate to an English-speaking country. IELTSis an important step for your studies, your work and for your Canada PR.

IELTS test on a computer instead of on paper was brought about in 2017, and it is now available around the world. Here are the key differentiating factors between the Computer-delivered IELTS VS paper-based IELTS.

Computer Test Paper test
Mode: Computer Mode: Pencil
Headphones for listening Played for everyone at the same time
Listening extra time: Not Applicable Listening extra time:10 extra minutes at the end to transfer answers
Order: Listening, Reading Writing Order: Writing, Reading, Listening
Speaking: Same day before or after test Speaking: Same day or different day

To Book an IELTS test, visit the official website at www.ielts.org/for-test-takers/book-a-test

To know more about the IELTS computer-based test, visit www.ielts.org/about-ielts/ielts-on-computer

What is included in the ORE IELTS Course?

We offer the highest quality training with experts who care. Our courses include:

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